Be designer of special fasteners,how to choose surface treatment way?

April 14, 2014

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  To a specifical designer of fasteners,how to choose the finish way of fasteners is an important problem .A lot of ways can be selected.The designer have to consider which way is economical. Almost fasteners are made of carbon steel or alloy steel,some kinds of fasteners need to anti-corrosion,although we use the anti-corrosion raw material,it need finishing to avoid corrosion.

  Otherwise,the plating have to adhered to the products and be strong,they can't fall off in the process of Installation and removing.For threaded fasteners,the plating need to be thin,in order to assemble successfully.The temperature limitation of plating lower than fasteners material,so we will consider requirment of working temperature of fasteners.        

   For finishing,we pay more attention to specious and anti-corrosion,but the main function of fateners is fastening,the finishing affect the Mechanical properties of fastening.So when we choose the way of finishing,we also have to put the mechanical properties of fastening into it.We also consider the requirement of  environmental protection.        


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