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Pickling process in fasteners industry

Good quality Special Stainless Steel Screw for sales
Good quality Special Stainless Steel Screw for sales
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Pickling process in fasteners industry



      Remove the wire surface oxide film, and a layer of phosphate film formed on the metal surface, in order to reduce the wire line drawing and cold heading or forming process, abrasion of tooling.


  (一)、Pickling:  The whole plate element respectively in normal temperature, concentration of three hydrochloric acid tank 20-25% minutes, the purpose is to remove the oxide film on the surface of wire rod

(二)、Clean water: Remove hydrochloric acid corrosion product in wire surface

(三)、Oxalic acid:  Increasing the metal activity, in order to make the film in  next process generates more compact

(四)、Film processing:  the plate element immersed in phosphate, iron and \surface with chemical treatment liquid mixed, steel dissolve insoluble compounds (such as Zn2Fe (Po4) 2 · 4H2o), the film formed on the steel surface adhesion.

(五)、Clean water:  Remove Surface residue of film.

(六)、 Phosphate coating lubricant: Due to friction coefficient is not very low, lubrication can not give processing fully, but with metal soap (such as sodium soap) reaction to form metal soap layer of hard, can increase the lubrication performance.

We offer a variety of special fasteners and if you have any question about the process and surface treatment.Welcome to contact us.We are glad to serve and help you.

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