Annealing process of fasteners

July 3, 2014

fasteners or special fastener is considered in the annealed state when it has been heated and cooled to make it soft that is,free of hardness caused by working or previous heat treatment.

We know more about the this kind of peration process and it willl help us to produce the fastener and usage of fastener.

一、Purpose:The wire is heated to the appropriate temperature, keep a certain time, and then slowly cooling, in order to adjust the microstructure, hardness, processing improvement wire at room temperature 

二:Operation process 

(一)、Adding into the material:Let product dipping furnace ,and tightly cover of furnace. A furnace with 7 volumes (about 1.2 tons / volume).

(二)、Heating:The furnace temperature slowly (about 3-4 hours) to the specified temperature.

(三)、keepping warm:Material 1018, 1022 wire to keep 4-6h at 680 ℃ -715 ℃, the material for the 10B211039, CH38F wire at 740 ℃ -760 ℃ keep 5.5-7.5 H.

(四)、Cooling:The furnace temperature slowly (about 3-4 hours) to 550 ℃, then with the furnace cooling to room temperature.

三:Quality control:

1, the hardness: material for 1018, 1022 wire annealing hardness is HV120-170, the material is carbon wire annealing hardness is HV120-180.

2, Appearance: surface may not have the oxidation and decarburization.

We have confidence to produce the special fastener and when it need the annealing,we still have more than 20 years experienced staff to serve and help you to get the right answer.Dont hesitate contact us now,and visit our website to know more about the fasteners process and sample.


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