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Shanghai Kinsom Precision Hardware Co.,ltd


Kinsom Is Your Professional Supplier Of Special fasteners

  •        We offer a variety of  non standard fasteners and precision metal parts.
  •        By Cold forging process  and Second-stage machining process  
  •        OEM and ODM product service !  Available for customization by your drawing and samples!
  •      Over 20 years experienced staff  will serve and help you find the right parts.
  •      Offer PPAP Doc and Test report
  •      Check our MadeInChina website https://ksfasteners.en.made-in-china.com/

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    Kinsom is an a professional manufacturer and exporter company , that specialized in various of special cold formed fasteners ,rivets series ,screws, bolts and nuts.With whole fastening solutions matched provide" One Stage Purchses"non standard precision metal parts,machining and stamping parts to serve growing demand for fastener solutions in markets for local and overseas market.

    Mr Tan F. And Mr Chen S.F from top management ,rapidly get into local market in 2006.Providing non standard fasteners.With the increase of local maket,in 2014 Kinsom Was founded,mainly expanding Fasteners and Machinging metal parts business in Europen and  North& South America ,Australia.While start new factory Samhotak in 2019 year.Samhotak is 

in Huaqiao Kunshan.

  We owns advanced 4S/5S Cold Heading Machine ,Threading machine,and precision screw  Rivets detection equipment. And have the best-equipped Team Members in the business to help you get the right part and find the best answers to all your questions. 

    Kinsom serve both large and small OEM/ODM! Furthermore,we offer customized design to meet your requirement.

    More focus on producing the quality products,and providing customer service and ability to meet customer requirements.To face the challenges of world manufacturing market ,we still make sure our quality and service to maintain satisfaction of customers’.  



Company Details

Main Market


Business Type




Brands : special fasteners,machining parts and stamping parts

No. of Employees : 20~60

Annual Sales : 30% - 40%

Year Established : 2014

Export p.c : 30% - 40%

Company Service

Customer Case / Project

Our products are applied in following industry and project:

  • Aluminum Windows, Doors and Curtain walls Facade System


  • Home  Kitchen Garden Tools


  • Door Window handle locking system

What Make Kinsom Different?

  • We have lots of advantages of Manufacturing And Trade for Sales.
  • Over 20years exprienced staff OEM and ODM product service for  researching .developing and producing.
  • Whether you need design advice, help with choosing the right technology, or assistance in reviewing an existing design for cost efficiency and quality, or matched accessories of cold formed fasteners and CNC machining parts.We have the solution for you 
  • Kinsom Helps customers Improve Quality, Achieve Faster and more Secure Delivery, Reduce Total Cost
  • Each kind of material should be tested before producing.All the non standard fasteners should be gone through 3 rounds inspections before export out.we test 100% of our production lots to ensure absolute quality. Throughout every step of the manufacturing process we utilize in-process controls . Final inspections are then conducted in room to packaging. 

Check our Product Gallery for complex cold formed fasteners.

Kinsom Special Fasteners Overview:

      Wide range size from M2.5 to M30,4.8gr -12.9gr 

 Main products mainly used in a wide varity of: 

  • Machine ,Automobile
  • Constrution, Curtain wall, aluminum door &window 
  • Electronics,
  • Home appliances ,
  • Fitness equipment,
  • Garden tools,furniture,
  • Lighting ,
  • Other industry required fasteners of the types of commodity products.

Material of Special fasteners:

  • Stainless steel 304 306 410 430 
  • Carbon steel 1022 10B21 
  • Brass
  • Alloy /aluminum steel 5052 6063;1.0503(C45)  1.0718
  • High strength steel

Finish of Cold forging fasteners:

  • Plain(No Finish)
  • Zinc Plated Black /Clear Chromate/Yellow Chromate
  • Black ,oxide black
  • Brass
  • Nickel,Chrome,Titanium
  • We can also provide other finishes upon request


Custom Labels 

Shanghai Kinsom Precision Hardware Co.,Ltd(Kinsom Fasteners)will package specific quantities by your specific needs,show  your own part number on bag or logo on box labels . Invoices, PI ,Packaging List and other paperwork  also can be added your own number.

Wanna resell your fasteners ? It s no problem, kinsom fasteners provide the Neutral Packaging.The custom labels,logo and packaging helps you track them and reselling.

Strong Packaging:
  • Polybag
  • Small box:    L12*W8*H6CM
  • Carton box:  28*20*16CM &23*22.5*15CM and customized by item size
  • Pallet  strong packaging
 Carton box +pallet packaging to protect your goods in process of shipping 



We have rich experience in handling ordersfor heavy buyers with professional process.

- Stable raw material purchasing
- Favorable orders follow-up management
- Laudable lead-time & shipment control
- Traceable quality evaluation
- Flexible payment terms
- Remarkable after-sale service




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